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How to Backup and Restore the Network Database

How ShopClock's backup system works.

ShopClock automatically backs up each day when the first person clocks in

the number 1ShopClock's backup utility is located on task 11 of the Admin window.


ShopClock's backup utilities


twoClicking on the Do Auto Backup button causes ShopClock to immediately preform an auto backup


3Previously made auto-backups are listed in this area. Any of these backups can be  restored by clicking on the item.

4Clicking in this box causes ShopClock to display the location of the Auto-Backups folder.


5Clicking here will cause ShopClock to ask where you would like that backup copy saved before it backs up. This is often used when the database is being moved to another server.

6Clicking on the Restore button will ask where the backup copy you want to  restore is located.


7Auto backups can be triggered from any ShopClock client, because they call a stored procedure in the ShopClock server. These procedures are normally normally created when the database is first setup. This button just recreates them.

8Although ShopClock always puts the auto backups in the Auto Backup folder, you can ask it to  back up somewhere else at the same time. Create the folder (it can be on another computer or drive - but make sure Everyone has full control over that folder) then click on this button and navigate to the folder. Then Do an Auto backup and check to see if ShopClock backed up both places.