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Problems Accessing the Network Database

When ShopClock starts up it looks in it's local database for the name of it's network server. If it finds a name, it tries to connect to that server.  If it cannot connect to that server, it displays this error message, and then quits.

ShopClock Can't Access It's Server and Must Quit


error message: can't access network database

The error message contains the name of the server it can't connect to, a list of possible reasons, a link to this page, and our phone number.

Resolving this problem requires a little bit of ordinary detective work. First ask: Is this the only ShopClock client that can't connect to the server, or are all of the ShopClock clients having the same problem?

If this is the only client having a problem connecting to the server, then the problem is probably on this computer. If none of the ShopClock clients can connect to the server, the problem is probably on the server and we should start on that computer.

If none of the clients can connect to the server.

  1. Make sure the server is actually running
    Often the Office Manager's computer is being used as the server. If that computer get shut down, hibernates, or goes to sleep, all the ShopClock clients will fail to connect to the server. If the computer being used as the server is running, try to start ShopClock. If ShopClock can't connect to the server from the server it means that there is something wrong with Microsoft SQL Server, and you should reboot that computer.
  2. Make sure that Microsoft SQL Express is running
    If ShopClock will start on the server it means that the ShopClock instance (SHOPCLOCK_SS) of ms sql is up and running. If ShopClock fails to start on the server it may mean that the network database is not running. check services on the computer o proceed.
  3. Check the Firewalls
    On the server the fire wall must be configured to let Microsoft sql  server pass.

If the other ShopClock clients are working  then the problem should be on this computer

  1. Check the fire wall.
    On the client computers the fire wall must be configured to let ShopClock pass.
  2. Make sure this client is trying to connect to the correct server
    If not then reset the client.
  3. Check for a possible DNS problem.
    Try using the server's IP address rather than it's name in the network setup window.