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How to move the Network database to a new server

Here are the 7 steps to "server-moving" happiness:

How to Move or Update the ShopClock Server

  1. Download and install ShopClock on the new server.
  2. Start ShopClock and from the Network Setup task of the Admin Window, download and install the ShopClock Network Server.
  3. Backup the data on the old server to somewhere that it can be accessed by the new server (Perhaps a USB Flash drive).
  4. Restore the data to the new server.
  5. Connect each ShopClock Client to the new server.
  6. Finally, Uninstall the Old ShopClock server. (DO THIS LAST)
  7. You may also want to look at this section: How do ShopClock clients find their server, what can go wrong, and how to fix it.

OR Let us host your ShopClock server in the Microsoft/Azure Cloud.

Give us a call and a couple of hours. We'll move your database to the cloud and give you the connection string. Paste the connection string into the each ShopClock clients cloud setup box and you are done

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