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How to setup the ShopClock Server

If you are setting ShopClock up on a network, the place to start is on the server. That way the ShopClock clients will be able to find and login to the server by themselves when they are started for the first time.

How to Install the Named Instance of MSSQL and Configure the fire walls.

You can use any Windows 10 Pro or better Windows computer as the server. Since the server must be on all the time (to handle requests from the ShopClock clients), it can never hibernate or go to sleep. This makes laptops a very poor choice for a server.

ShopClock uses Microsoft SQL Server Express as its network database. Use ShopClock to download and, after it has been installed, to configure SQL Server as the network database. We use a Named Instance of Microsoft SQL Server so that it won’t conflict with any other instances of SQL Server that may be installed. 

To setup the ShopClock Server, start by downloading and installing ShopClock. The Instructions for installing ShopClock are on the download page. When ShopClock is first opened it will default to Single Computer mode because the network database hasn't been installed yet.

Start ShopClock and click on the gold padlock to open the admin window (remember, the password is the number 1). Click on the 14th tab at the bottom of the window to open the Network Setup page.



OneClick on the link to visit our server download page. follow the instructions on this page to download and install a copy the network data base.

2Click on the Use Network Server button, refresh the server list, select the server you are going to configure and click OK. ShopClock will then configure the network base.

3Configure the firewall. Use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to add three new inbound rules. You need to enter 3 new inbound exceptions:

  • a program exception for SQL server
  • a port exception tcp 1433
  • a port exception udp 1434

Windows Firewall with Advanced SecurityWindows Firewall with Advanced Security

Now the ShopClock clients on the other computers should be able to see the server and connect to it.

OR Let us host your ShopClock server in the Microsoft/Azure Cloud.

Give us a call and a couple of hours. We'll move your database to the cloud and give you the connection string. Paste the connection string into the each ShopClock clients cloud setup box and you are done

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