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Problems Accessing the Local Database

When ShopClock can't access it's local database, it displays an error message to that effect and then quits.

Help, ShopClock Can't Access It's Local Database and Must Quit


The error message includes the path to the local database and our toll free number. The error message requests that Everyone (the group) be given full access (read and write) to the folder containing the local database

The error mesage shown when ShopClock can't acess it's local database

The location of the local database depends on the version of Windows.

  • In Windows XP the local database is located in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pacific Rim Software Inc\ShopClock folder.
  • In newer versions of Windows, the local database is located in C:\ProgramData\Pacific Rim Software\ShopClock

There are a number of possible causes, which are listed in order of frequency, but it is almost always a Permissions Problem.

Permission Problem: Access is being denied by windows.

This is almost always a Permissions Problem. The solution is give Everyone (by everyone we mean the Group Everyone) Full Control (read and write access) to the Pacific Rim Software folder (and it's sub folders). You could just give the current user access but new users wouldn't have access until they were added to the list. Giving Everyone permission protects against this eventuality.

See How to give Everyone full control over the Pacific Rim Software Inc folder.

And on XP machines you also need to give Everyone at least Read Access to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys

The database is corrupt.

The database needs to be replaced, but how you do this depends on whether this client is being used in Single Computer Mode or Network Mode.

If the ShopClock is configured in Single Computer Mode, then the database must be restored from the AutoBackup folder which is located in the ShopClock folder, which is in the Pacific Rim Software folder. The filename extension is .sdf and the desired file can just be copied from the AutoBackUp folder to the ShopClock folder and renamed ShopClockDB.sdf.

When ShopClock is installed, a copy of the demo database, ShopClockDB.sdf, is installed in the Program Files\ShopClock4 folder (unless that folder already contains a file of that name - the install package never overwrites existing databases).

When ShopClock starts it looks for the ShopClockDB.sdf file where it should be located. If it does not find the file it copies it from the ShopClock-3 folder. If That folder does not exits or does not contain a ShopClockDB.sdf file, then it copies the file from the Program Files\ShopClock4 folder. So to replace a possibly corrupt database for a network client all you have to do is remove the existing database. ShopClock will get a copy from either the ShopClock-3 folder or the Program Files\ShopClock4 folder.

The Microsoft SQL Server Compact installation is damaged.

Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 and then reinstall ShopClock. Since this database is a requirement ShopClock will install it.