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How ShopClock Clients Connect to the Server

ShopClock clients look for an active ShopClock server the first time they are started. If it finds the server it connects to it. If not ...

How to Connect ShopClock Clients to the ShopClock Server

 If a ShopClock client fails to find the server by itself it will default to the "local database". The local database, ShopClockDB.sdf, is a Microsoft SQL Compact database. It is copied from the Program Files/ShopClock folder to its working folder when ShopClock first starts. The location of the local database varies by OS version but is listed in the "Help/About" ShopClock window. ShopClock must always have read/write access to this folder.

On a Single Computer installation only the local database is used. In the network version, the name of server on which SHOPCLOCK_SS resides is saved in the local database. ShopClock itself never writes to any .ini file or to the registry.

If ShopClock does not find the network server (or if it finds more than one of them), it will default to using only the local database. If ShopClock client is using the local database, it can be pointed to the network server via opening ShopClock's Admin Window (the password is probably 1), clicking on the Network Setup Task (#14) and then on the "Edit Network Database" button. 

If it finds only one instance, it will attach to that instance and save the name in its local database. 

If it finds more than one instance, it will give you a choice of which to use by listing all of them in its drop-down box. 

If it doesn't find any instances of the network server it will default to using its local database. In this case you can "Right Click" on the button and select "Edit" from the popup menu. The name of the button will change to "Edit Network Server". After clicking on the "Edit Network Server" button, ShopClock will again search for the server; but this time if it doesn't find one it will remain open and allow you to enter the name of the server (enter it as: "SERVERNAME\SHOPCLOCK_SS", or by IP address as XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX\SHOPCLOCK_SS where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the IP address of the server. 

Sometimes ShopClock can't resolve the IP address of the server based on its name (even though it found the name by itself). In this case you can enter the IP address of the server rather than the name of the server (Do Not put double slashes (\\) in front of the IP address. If you use the IP address you must ensure that it is a static or fixed IP address, and won't change the next time the computer being used as the ShopClock server is rebooted. When  connecting via VPN connection the IP address is almost always required.

If ShopClock is trying to  connect to the wrong server. Here's how to connect it to the correct server.