ShopClock Quick Setup Guide

sc4EmpThis is the easiest way to get started using ShopClock.

Complete the Basic Section and you're ready to use ShopClock. The items in the Advanced implementation section are optional and can be deferred.

Basic Implementation

1. First decide if you want to use Departments.

Using departments is optional, but it has several advantages. If, for example, you have sales people or salaried employees who don't get paid overtime, but whose attendance you wish t track as well as hourly employees who do get overtime then you should use Departments because:

  1. Each department has its own overtime rules.
  2. It's easy to give holidays hours by department
  3. The time cards reports and functions can by run differently for each department.

If you decide not to use departments be sure to select the overtime rules from the Process Pay Period Tab of the Admin window.

2. Add (or if using QuickBooks import) your employees

  • If you are using departments assign each employee to the correct department (this takes care of the overtime rules for that employee).
  • Use the employees initials as their initial password. Employees can change their own passwords whenever their time card is open.
  • Most of the information on the employee line is optional. Only the name actually required.

3. Setup your Break, Lunch, and Missed-Clock-Out rules.

These will be applied to all employees regardless of what department they are in.

4. Employee education.

  • Have your employees look at the knowledge base articles with both the Employee and ShopClock icons.
  • Tell them what their initial passwords are.

 That's it. you're done with the Basic Implementation and you should be ready for your employees to begin clocking in and out.

Advanced Implementation

1. Setup the Time Off system

  • Decide which time off categories you wish to use (Vacation, Sick, PTO, etc) and turning the others off
  • Enter the current amount of Vacation, Sick, and/or PTO in the Journals for each employee.

2. Turn on the Accrual System.

The accrual system processes closed pay periods, so wait until a few of these have accumulated before turning it on.