The ShopClockPlus Time Card

This applies to ShopClockPlus and employeesThe ShopClockPlus time card is identical to the ShopClock time card with the addition of Department and Shift columns.

The ShopClockPlus Time Card has Two Additional Columns.

The ShopClockPlus time card is identical  to the ShopClock time card with the addition of the Department and Shift columns.  The administrator configures which departments each employee is allowed to work in. When the employee clocks in they are presented with a list of approved departments and asked to select which department they want to work in.

As shown below ShopClock keeps track of how much time was spent working in each department and shift. In this example, Joe Employee who normally works in Production worked in the office on March 14th

 Department and Shift Columns have been added to the time card