Departments in ShopClock

ShopClockUsing Departments in ShopClock is optional, but there are 5 good reasons to enable them.

Using Departments in ShopClock Makes Many Admin Task Easier.

 Using Departments is optional.

If the Department option has not been turned on, this page will show only the button at the top that says “Enable Departments”. If the Department option has been enabled, the button is re-named “Disable Departments”, and the grid listing all of the current departments will be visible. Departments can be enabled or disabled at any time.

When the Department option is enabled a "Department" Column is added to the Add/Edit/Select Employee grid . This column has a dropdown on each row so that each employee can be assigned to a particular department.

 The ShopClock Department Setup Window

New departments are added in the bottom row (the one with an asterisk in the row selector button). The number of departments is unlimited.

The names and overtime rules can be changed at any time. Save the changes by clicking on the Department Name of another department. All overtime calculations based on the rules chosen for each department.

There are five reasons for using departments.

  • Overtime rules are set for each Department. So different departments can have different overtime rules.
  • Reports can be run for any particular department. The Filter bar above the Add/Edit/Select grid also contains a Department dropdown. By using the dropdown in the filter bar, you can display only those employees belonging to a particular department.
  • Holidays can be assigned by Department. So that employees in different departments get different Holiday benefits (Note: assigning different holidays to different groups of employees can also be done in other ways).
  • The employees listed on the ShopClock window can be limited to any particular department. So if departments were mapped to locations, each ShopClock could be configured to list only those employees who actually worked at that location (Note: there are other ways to control which employees can use any particular ShopClock client).
  • Whenever an employee request time off a list, employees also taking time off on that date is displayed to the employee. When the administrator or supervisor is approving time off requests, the list of employees with time off on that date can be limited to the current employees department or expanded to all employees.

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