How to Add, Edit, and Select Employees

Many ShopClock Admin tasks can be applied to individuals or groups of individuals. This page explains how to Add, Edit, and Select employees and groups of employees.

Admin Window Tasks Can be Applied to Individual or Groups of Employees.

The Admin window opens to the Add/Edit/Select Employee grid. This grid normally lists all active employees alphabetically by last name, but can be filtered or sorted on the basis of any column. The Current Employee and information about their available Vacation/Sick/PTO time is displayed above the grid.

How to Add,Edit, and Select employees

The employees can be sorted by on the basis of any column by clicking on that column heading and filtered by using the Filter Bar above the grid.

Adding New Employees

New employees are always added in the bottom or "Starred" row of the grid. They can be entered in any order; they will be sorted into the desired order later. The only required fields are the employees first and last name. The active column will default to 'Yes'. If you are using QuickBooks you should import the employees rather than adding them one at a time. See the page on ShopClock and QuickBooks for details.

When employees are terminated, deactivate them by changing the Yes in the Active Column to No. This will keep all of their data in case you need it in the future. The number of inactive employees is not limited; the subscriptions are based only on the number of Active employees.

Editing Employee information

To edit a cell, click in it, make the changes and save them by clicking on an adjacent row.

Selecting Employees

To select an individual employee just click on their first or last name. They will become the Current Employee, and Their name and available Vacation, Sick, and PTO hours will be displayed above the grid.

To select everyone in a particular department, use the drop-down above the department column to select the desired department.