How to approve or deny Time Off Requests

Applies to ShopClock and ShopClockPlusUsing the Status Bar to find out who has reqested time off is the first step

ShopClock Makes it Easy for Administrators to Approve or Deny Time Off Requests.

Status Panel appears whenever either padlock is opened. The left most button on the status panel displays the number of Time Off Requests awaiting administrator approval. Clicking on this button highlights all the employees with pending time off requests.


We've clicked on Joe Employee's name making him the current employee. Next we'll click on task 3, the Managed Time Calendar. This will reveal the day(s) Joe is requesting.


The calendar shown is Joe's (we can tell because he is the current employee). He is asking for some vacation time on  July 1st. Clicking on that date brings up the time off approval dialogue box. and clicking on Joe's request reveals his note. Convinced that he needs the day off I selected the approval option and clicked OK. That's it his time  off request has been approved and in July it will appear on his time card.


Examining Joe's vacation journal by clicking on the Available Vacation hours button reveals that the approval has been documented and the number of available hours decremented accordingly.




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