How to Request Time Off

ShopClock and ShopClockPlusEmployees can open the Time Off Request calendar by clicking on the calendar button located above their time cards.

ShopClock Provides a Way For Employees to Request Various Kinds of Time Off.

This window provides the employee with a way of requesting any type time off except holidays. It also shows the employee the amount of Vacation, Sick, and PTO hours that are currently available and shows on the calendar which vacation and PTO days have already been scheduled by other employees.

 The time off request calendar

The number oneAvailable vacation, sick, and PTO hours are displayed on the left side of upper panel. This employee has 16 hours of vacation time and 40 hours of Sick time left to allocate. These numbers are decremented as time off requests are approved and incremented when  the administrator or the accrual system adds more time to the account. If an approved day off is deleted it's hours are added back  into the available time off.

Clicking on the number of hours available brings up a journal which shows every addition and deletion that has occurred.

The number twoA legend explaining the markings on the calendar is presented on the right hand side. The Legend tells what colors are being used to represent the various kinds of time off on the calendar. Holidays, Vacation, Sick, PTO, Uncompensated, Time Worked, and Bereavement days which have been approved by the Administrator are shown with black numbers and a light background colors. Days which have been requested, but not yet approved by the Administrator, are shown with white numbers with a darker background color.

 The number 3This is an example of vacation days that have be approved bye the administrator. They will appear on the time card on those dates.

The number fourThis is an example of time off that has been approved for some other employee(s).


The number 5These are examples of Holiday hours.


To request time off, click on the desired date. The Time Off Request Dialogue box will appear.

 The time off request dialogue box

The number oneEmployees who have already requested time off and those whose requests for that day are  shown on the left.Black text indicates the time off has been approved. White text means the request has not yet been approved. Requests are listed in the order they were made.

The number twoEnter the number of hours desired, select the kind of time off you are requesting, and enter the starting time for the session. This is especially useful when you are requesting only a few hours in the middle of  the day for something like a dental  appointment.

 The number threeIf you wish, enter a note pleading your case and click OK to save your request.



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