Time Off (Managed Time) Overview

ShopClockShopClock has an extensive managed time system. Vacation, Sick, and PTO can be accured, requested, and approved.

In addition to Measuring Hours Worked and Overtime, ShopClock Has All the Tools Needed to Manage Time Off.


ShopClock has several types managed time.

  • Vacation Hours
  • Sick Hours
  • PTO hours
  • Bereavement Hours
  • Uncompensated Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Time Worked (Treated as Hours worked, but entered by the Administrator through the managed time calendar.)

Unused types can be turned off or hidden.

Managed time differs from worked time in two important aspects.

  1. Managed time must be allocated by the Administrator. Employees can request it, but the Administrator (or supervisor) must approve it.
  2. Managed time (except for TimeWorked) is not used in overtime calculations

ShopClock's Managed Time System has:

  • A Time Off Request System which lets employees request time off.
  • A Status Bar which alerts the Administrator/Supervisor when time off requests have been made
  • A Time Off Approval System which the Administrator can use to approve or deny each request.
  • A  Time Off Report which can list the approved time off for an employee or group of employees (like all those in a particular department) between any two dates.
  • An Accrual System with can accrue Vacation, Sick, and or PTO hours based on either the number of hours actually worked in a given pay period or a fixed number of hours for each pay period.