How to find out which employees have time card issues.

ShopClock LogoMistakes happen! The first step towards happiness is finding them.  The ShopClock Status bar can help.

ShopClock's Status Bar Makes It Easy for the Administrator to find and correct time card issues.

The Status Panel consists of three buttons. The captions of these buttons shows how many employees have requested time off, how many have Clock Out Errors, and how many have turned on their Call Lights to draw attention to a time card issue.

The status bar is displayed when either padlock is opened.

When any of these status bar buttons are clicked employees with that kink of issue are highlighted.  Making easy to identify employees with time card with issues.


In this example Sally Sales has asked for some kink of time off and somebody else (we won't know who until we click on the button) has turned on their Call Light.

Click here to find out how to deal with time off requests.