Breaks and Lunches

This applies to ShopClock and ShopClockPlus It is becoming increasingly important to insure and docment that employees have taken the required breaks and lunches.

ShopClock has Several Break and Lunch Tracking Options

 In addition to documenting breaks and lunches, ShopClock allows specification of the maximum length of paid breaks and the minimum length of lunch breaks.

Breaks and Lunches are special time card sessions that: Are not included in any of the Hours Worked totals (i.e. They are not “Payable” hours). Do not contribute to overtime. And are ignored by the accrual wizards. For the most part they are treated as if the employee were not clocked in at all.

Using defined Break and Lunch Sessions clearly documents that the employee has taken the required breaks and lunches.

You can also tell who is on a break or at lunch – even when they have left. And it formalizes and enforces your Break and Lunch policies. Tracking Breaks and Lunches is optional. The break and lunch tracking features are configured via the 7th task (Misc/Lunch/Break Settings) of the Admin window. Open the Admin window by clicking on the Gold Padlock and entering the Admin Password.