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Give us a call

  Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlus There is no quicker way to learn whether or not ShopClock is what you want than talk to us.

DemoGuy Just call 877-988-8787.

You direct the conversation.

Let us know what you're looking for and we'll tell whether or not ShopClock will work for you, and show you how it should be configured to meet your needs.

For example, request a demo we can discuss:

  • how employees clock in & out
  • how the various lunch and break options work
  • how time card issues are found and corrected
  • how to configure the work week and select overtime rules
  • how the payperiods are processed
  • how to export the data to most payroll package indluding QuickBooks
  • how to close the current payperiod and access closed payperiods
  • how our time off request system works
  • how to use the accrual systems
  • how to setup the optional finger print scanner
  • how to control which employees can use which computers
  • and how the 3 ShopClock configurations (stand alone, networked, and cloud based) work.


During the visit we can, if you like, login to your computer. We use LogMeIn - Rescue, which is a safe way for us to work together on the same computer. It's how we do our support. We can then install ShopClock, it only takes a few minutes.

 That's 877-988-8787.