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Why use the ShopClock Cloud Server

  Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlus We choose the Microsoft/Azure Cloud to host our in house SQL database. Here's why you should let us host your ShopClock database in the Microsoft /Azure Cloud.


High Availability

Given that things like software updates (both the SQL Server and the hosting computer) as well as hardware failures interrupt the service, 99.9% up time is a very tall order. Yet, that is exactly what Microsoft/Azure promises.

Here's how they keep that promise. Each database is kept on three separate physical servers. If one goes down it is immediately replaced by one of the others and a new one is added. We won't even notice hardware failures.

As for software updates they are done in turn so that the database is always available. And Microsoft/Azure does all the IT work involved with the updates.

Data Protection

Local Backup

The database can be restored to any point in time within the last 7 days.

A Geo-Restore Option is Available

A copy of the database base backup can also be kept at another of Microsoft/Azure's server farm. In the event of some incident or outage in the region where your database is hosted, the database is restored from that other geographic location. In other words, if some event like an earthquake should take out the server farm where your database is hosted, it may take up to 12 hours to get you back on line.

Geographical Freedom

When ShopClock is using the Cloud Server it does not have to be on the same Local Area Network as the server. It just needs to have an internet connection. No more worries about VPNs.

Reasonable Prices

And you get all this for only $25 dollars a month (300 dollars a year). Give us a Call 877-988-8787 to arrange a test drive.

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