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ShopClockPlus Tracks Department & Shift Differentials

This page applies to ShopClock Plus

Because ShopClockPlus can track what department and shift employees are working in it has many features (like SnapTo, Rounding, and grace periods) not found in ShopClock. And all the break and lunch settings can be configured for each department.

ShopClockPlus Reports Hours Worked by Department and Shift

We've moved all the lunch and break options to the department level. Now these settings can now be different for each department. All of the payroll items (used when the data is exported) can be set at the department level to whatever you are using in QuickBooks. 

Each department can have up to three shifts. Because ShopClockPlus knows when the shifts begin and end there are more time clock options such as

  • Our SnapTo feature which eliminates early clock in 
  • Rounding - although SnapTo is a better choice 
  • Supervisor - Time Card Approval 

Because the companies using ShopClockPlus tend to be larger than those use ShopClock, ShopClockPlus has features like “multiple password protected supervisor accounts”, and a complete audit trail.