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ShopClock is an excellent QuickBooks Timecard

Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlus Importing employees from and exporting time card data back to QuickBooks, makes ShopClock a great QuickBooks Time Card Calculator.

We use QuickBooks as the master database.

New employees are first added to QuickBooks and then exported to ShopClock.. When the pay period is processed the time card data is exported to QuickBooks 

There are two phases to this operation; first the employee list must be exported from QuickBooks and saved to a file located in an area of your computer that is easily accessible by our time card calculator. The way to do this varies slightly from version to version of QuickBooks. In QuickBooks Pro 2007, select the following QuickBooks menu option: File->Utilities->Export->List to IIF Files .

When the "Select the lists that you would like to export" dialogue box appears select "Employees" and then click on the OK button and choose to save the file somewhere (like in a folder) on your desktop) where you can easily find it.

Then (back in the time card calculator, ShopClock, click on the Import Employees from QuickBooks button on the Employee Maintenance task of ShopClock's Admin Window. Navigate to and select the employee list that you saved earlier.

When importing the employee list, our time card calculator uses the employees social security number to distinguish between employees. If no employee in ShopClock has a matching social security number the employee is added to ShopClock's list of employees. If ShopClock finds the social security in its database, it just updates the information based on the data in the import file.


ShopClock Exporting From ShopClock

If they are not already present, the payroll items used (exported) by ShopClock must be added to QuickBooks. The payroll items in ShopClock can't be changed.

In QuickBooks data is defined by Payroll Items and you must have a payroll Item for each type of payroll data that is imported. You can add as many Payroll Items to QuickBooks as you want. Depending on how you use ShopClock and the state in which you are located, ShopClock can export up to 8 types of data. There must be a Payroll Item in QuickBooks for each data type that you want to import from ShopClock, and the names must match exactly. the items are:

  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Double Overtime Hours (used in California)
  • Vacation Hours
  • Sick Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Bereavement Hours
  • Paid Time Off Hours


Shop/clockPlusExporting From ShopClockPlus

  • ShopClockPlus can use all the payroll items you already have in QuickBooks. Just add them on the Department tab of the Admin window.
  • The Payroll items for Vacation, Sick, PTO, bereavement, and holiday hours can be different for each department.
  • The Regular, Overtime, and Double overtime payroll items can be different for each Shift and Department.