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Exporting Time Card Data

Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlus Exporting the time card data to your payroll system eliminates a lot of transposition errors and drudge work. Exporting/Importing the data save errors and time.

Exporting Time Card Data to  Most Payroll packages is Just a Matter of Selecting the Payroll Package From a List.

 Usually ShopClock is installed on the same computer that your payroll package is installed on. That makes it easy to export and import the data. If your payroll isn't done on site you can email the export file to another location

ShopClock can export its data to

  • QuickBooks
  • PayChex
  • SurePay
  • Payroll OnePay
  • Period Totals in comma (.cms) or tab separated files (.tbs) which can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Which data and in what order can be completely customized in the Pay Period Totals export. No setup is required for the PayChex and SurePay options.

QuickBooks requires some discussion.