Network Capabilities

 Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlusThe ShopClock database server can be located on your computer or in the Microsoft Cloud. When located in the cloud all you need is an internet connection to connect to your database. When located on your server any computer on your local area network will be able to connect to the database, but computers in remote locations will need a special VPN connection

The ShopClock Server Can be Accessed From Anywhere on the Local Area Network and from Remote Locations Via VPN connections.

Setup the ShopClock Server first, then just download and install ShopClock on each of the computers you want to use it on.

When ShopClock is started for the first time it will search for (and usually connect to the server all by itself).If it doesn't check out the Technical Support section or call us for help.

Using VPN Connections to connect ShopClock to Multiple Locations

Multiple locations can be serviced by ShopClock by connecting the locations to a common database via VPN connections. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection allows you to securely connect one computer to another through the internet. There are several advantages to this. Only a single network subscription (large enough to cover the total number of employees needs to be purchased).. Time cards for all locations can be processed at the same time. The administrator has instant access to all the time time cards at all the locations. ShopClock can be configured (by using departments) to allow only those employees belonging to particular department access to the time clock. This way employees at each location only see the employees working at that location. Third party companies have made VPN inexpensive and easy to setup and manage. has an inexpensive VPN service which is easy to setup. Visit the LogMeIn Hamachi site for details. The ShopClock network server is installed at one of the locations, call it the head office. Computers in the remote locations simply access the ShopClock's network server via the VPN connections to the home office. You will need to enter the Hamachi IP address manually (use the Network Sertup Tab of the Admin Window - to enter the Hamachi IP address of the ShopClock Server).