How to Set ShopClock to the Correct time.

Whenever an employee clocks in or out, ShopClock gets the time from the computer it is using as the server (the single computer version uses the local computer time).

How to Set ShopClock to the Correct Time

ShopClock always gets the time from the server.

If you are using a Network Server

To adjust the time used by ShopClock, change to time on the server.

Computers are notoriously bad time keepers so Windows has the ability to sync the computers clock with an atomic clock on the internet once a week. But in some cases, the computers internal clock is so drifty that this is not adequate. In this case you may want use software that will sync your computer with an atomic clock more often. 

If you are using the Cloud Server

Since the Cloud Server and the ShopClock clients will most likely be in different time zones, ShopClock needs to know the number of hours to add or subtract from the server time to get local time

To establish this offset, open the ShopClock Admin window and Click on the 7th task, Miscellaneous Settings. Then