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Three Ways to Configure ShopClock

ShopClock can be configured in 3 Different Ways

  1. On a single computer (Stand Alone Mode) just download and installing it. Follow the directions on this page
  2. On your network by following these instructions.
  3. Or by using a Cloud hosted database. Just give us a call so we set it up.

Be sure to check out our Quick Setup Guide

Remember, ShopClock is always fully supported, so if you have problems or questions, or want help with the installation please give us a call.

ShopClock Installation

To install ShopClock on this computer, download the ShopClock setup program, sc4Setup.exe, and save it to your desktop. It is always a good idea to disable your anti virus software while installing new software. Then double click on it and follow the on screen prompts. The setup program installs ShopClock4, Microsoft SQL Server Compact, and a copy of the local database with some demo data (it will not overwrite any existing database). 

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Configure the Firewall 

Before starting ShopClock for the first time, configure the firewall to allow ShopClock4 to pass. 

Connect to the server 

 When ShopClock is started for the first time, it checks the state of its local database. If the local database has never been opened, it looks for a Network Database. If it finds a network database, it logs onto the network database, displays all the active employees, and is ready for use. If it does not discover a network database, ShopClock decides to use the local database and starts an Evaluation Period. If the local database has previously been opened, then ShopClock logs in and displays its active employees.


The ShopClock setup program has been digitally signed and is authenticated by Verisign. This ensures that the software you download did indeed come from us and that it has not been altered since we signed it. Think of the digital signature as 'shrink wrap for the Internet.' Information about our signature will be displayed when you run sc4Setup.exe to install ShopClock. By installing the ShopClock software, you agree to be bound by the terms of its Software License. 

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Download ShopClock

To download ShopClock, please visit this page on your desktop computer.

Download ShopClock

Our flagship app is a feature rich employee time card system that's easy to setup, learn and use. It has a calendar based time off management and accrual.

ShopClock (

Download ShopClockPlus

All the features of ShopClock. Plus the additional features needed to track which department/shift the employees worked in so that department/shift differentials can be paid or charged.

ShopClockPlus (

Try ShopClock for Free

Give us a call (877-988-8787) we can help you and/or your IT people set ShopClock up on your network or host your database in the cloud. Then we can help your staff implement a free trial.

Use it for at least one pay cycle (we can adjust the length of the evaluation period as needed so don't worry about starting mid cycle). ShopClock is fully supported during the evaluation period.

If you decide to continue with ShopClock after the evaluation period, just purchase a subscription. Its all setup.